Discovering the Technological Future with Ingenium Ars

Welcome to the dynamic universe of Ingenium Ars, where technology transcends limits and innovation is our fuel



Cutting-edge Innovation

We embrace the latest in technology, bringing pioneering solutions that transform businesses and shape the future

Distinctive Customization

We create tailor-made experiences, adjusted to the unique needs of each client, generating exceptional results

Multisectoral Expertise

Our versatility covers various industries, delivering effective solutions in companies, restaurants, and more

Customer Focus

Our commitment goes beyond the project, with attentive monitoring and support, taking our clients' feedback further, ensuring lasting satisfaction

Revolutionary AI

We integrate state-of-the-art artificial intelligence into all our services, expanding our efficiency and potential, towards innovative services

Global Vision, Local Impact

While we seek to lead globally, our solutions benefit local businesses, driving economic growth

Our Inspiring Mission

At Ingenium Ars, we don't dream small - our vision is to be one of the biggest global references in technology. We believe that technology is not just a tool, but a transformative force that can drive excellence and growth in all sectors. Our mission is to lead this transformation, providing innovative solutions that open doors to the future


Unveiling Our Revolutionary Services

Imagine a space where website development goes beyond visuals, where systems are tailor-made to optimize complex operations, where automation is not just a word, but an efficient reality

At Ingenium Ars, we offer a diversified portfolio of services, from the development of custom systems to the integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence

Our services go beyond expectations, opening new horizons for operational efficiency and innovation.

Our Touch of Technological Magic

What sets us apart is not just what we do, but how we do it. We keep our fingers on the pulse of technological evolution, incorporating the latest tools and systems into each project. Imagine having the power of artificial intelligence in every aspect of your business - that's exactly what we offer. We accompany our clients even after the project is completed, ensuring that the positive impact of our solutions endures.

A World of Opportunities

Our services cover a variety of sectors, from companies to restaurants and industries. Regardless of the field you operate in, our approach is customized to adapt to your unique needs. We have earned our reputation by offering versatile solutions that deliver tangible results.


Our Values Guide the Way

Transparency is the foundation of our business relationships, responsibility is the our promise and professionalism is the essence of our team.

We are driven by innovation, constantly challenging conventional limits to open new perspectives for our clients.

The Dawn of a Revolution

Our journey began with Erick Prados's bold vision in 2018. Years of planning and dedication culminated in the launch of Ingenium Ars in 2023. Since then, we have been writing an exciting chapter in the history of technology, innovating and raising standards.


Meet Valkyria: Our Promise of Tomorrow

Get ready to meet the future paradigm shift - Valkyria. This innovative artificial intelligence is being developed for the corporate market. Imagine an entity that autonomously performs vital tasks, enhances operations, and assists in strategic decision-making. Valkyria is more than an innovation; it's a revolution in action

We are ready to turn your vision into reality. Together, we are shaping the future and bringing to life the possibilities that technology offers




Our Mission:

To become a reference in technology and development worldwide, being responsible for new inventions


Our Vision:

We must build innovative tools, using the newest in technology. The development of new artificial intelligences is our focus


Our Values Charter:

Innovation, commitment, professionalism, respect, persistence, and people.